Monday, January 30, 2012

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Wow! This last year has been a very busy one. To give a rundown of what we’ve been up to, last spring, we sold our Altima and our Bronco and bought a Yukon XL and a Chevy Silverado. We miss our Bronco, but are glad to have newer, more reliable vehicles. Last May, Dale was promoted to store manager at Home Depot, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and announced we were expecting baby #4. In July, we went to Colorado and had a blast at the Jack Family Reunion. The kids are always asking if we could go to Colorado because they love it up there so much. On November 21, we welcomed Lewis D. Rogers to our family.

Dale is enjoying being manager and has grown in his position. It’s been fun to watch him set career goals and to meet them. He is still the assistant scout master and loves it. Every time he comes home from a scout camp he says, “That was the best campout we’ve had.” Dale is a great daddy and a wonderful husband. It’s been a great 10 years married to him.

Amanda is still the Sunbeam teacher and loves it. She is incredibly busy with the house, yard, and children. She loves to drive up Mt. Graham every chance she gets.

Joy, 7 yrs, is doing very well in school and enjoys being with her friends. She is a good example to everyone around her and is a huge help at home. She occasionally complains about being the oldest because she has to do more chores, but mommy just says, “I know the feeling.”

Joy and Lucy were in the dance recital yesterday and they each were very confident and performed very well. Mommy and daddy are proud of them. They both played soccer last fall and Lucy was excited to have her daddy be her soccer coach.

Grandma Rogers said it best, “5 is alive.” Lucy, 5 yrs, loves playing with Joy, Eli, and with her friends. She will sit for hours doing crafts and playing with dolls. She’s become more outspoken and confident and likes to do everything by herself.

Eli, 2 yrs, is as handsome, busy, fun, destructive, hilarious, messy, and smart as ever. I hope to report by next letter that he’ll be potty trained. Eli is all boy and loves to play outside and is always dirty and getting slivers in his feet. He helps himself to the refrigerator and pantry. He knows how to turn off and on the computer, VCR, and DVD player and start his own movies. He’s the biggest pest to his older sisters and often gets locked out of their room. Dale says Eli has more girlfriends than any little boy he knows and is constantly being stopped in the hall at church by girls, both young and old, who want to say hi to him. As crazy as Eli makes our lives, we love him to pieces and wouldn’t have him any other way.

Lewis, 4 wks, is growing fast and lets the whole house know when he’s not happy. He’s got a lot of really blonde hair, a good set of lungs, and a big appetite. He’s lots of fun to cuddle with and as long as he’s fed and clean he’s a pretty happy little guy. He’s great at going back to sleep after eating at night, so mommy isn’t too exhausted. However, that alarm still goes off too early for her liking and we are very excited for Christmas Break to begin. Lewis’s brother and sisters love to hold him and we have enjoyed having a sweet little baby in our home again.

We have been very blessed this year and give thanks to our Savior for all we have. We miss our dear friends and family we don’t live close to, but have also made lots of new friends this last year. We love living in Pima and have wonderful neighbors. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love, Dale, Amanda, Joy, Lucy, Eli, & Lewis Rogers

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*Amy * said...

Your kids are adorable!! Sounds like a good year!