Thursday, February 4, 2010

While mommy is away

Here is a picture of Joy doing her Hula Hoop. Joy got this for Christmas and loves it. The other day Joy had me time her. She hula hooped for 35 minutes without dropping and would have kept going if I had not made her go to bed.

Here is a classic Eli picture. He now has two teeth.

Joy wants we to tell you this is her own fashion costume.

Myself and Amanda got new callings in our ward. I was called as an assistant Scout master and Amanda was called to be wolf cubscout leader. Amanda had her first meeting today and then had to go to roundtable tonight. After the girls shower tonight this is how they dressed themselves and then they came to the living room to dance. I thought these picture were pretty funny so I posted them for all to see.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tonka Truck!

This is Dale's favorite jacket for Eli. Yes, this is the dishwasher Eli is holding on to. This is where he pulled himself up to standing for the first time. He's a little stinker and is ALWAYS getting into something. He is so busy.

The girls in their Christmas dresses...and Eli with something in his mouth, of course.

While we were at Target doing our Christmas shopping, Dale spied this Tonka Truck and practically drooled over it. I told him that Eli was too little to care about it and that his sisters would probably play with it more than he would, so we didn't get it. The next thing I know, UPS is dropping this huge box off at my door. I just laughed when I found out what it was. Dale is so excited to get "boy toys" for his little man. As you can see, both Eli and the girls have fun with it.