Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colorado part 2

Isaac and Jenny talking to Uncle Clarence. He worked at a trading post on the reservation for several years and speaks fluent Navajo. He's a way cool guy.
Yes, that would be mine who's trying to escape! Some of the Jack babies. So cute!

We LOVE Aunt Florence's house. She has the neatest toys and a great big yard to play in.

I love how these cousins and brothers have so much fun together. Good times.

Cowgirl Callie and her pony.

Now who puts a 4 way stop sign in the middle of the road?! Silverton, Colorado!

No, Bodie isn't going to the bathroom! The kids loved the snow. Lucy especially talked a lot about it. This is up a high mountain pass by Silverton. Thanks Isaac, for showing us around. We had a blast!

Eli happy to be out of the car. We were freezing at the top of the pass.

While we were driving up the pass, we passed a marmot. We were trying to get a good pic of it. Dale had Lucy on his lap so she could see it better. She leaned out the window and hollered, "Hey you! You look at my daddy!"
The little guy then posed like a trooper before running off.

The mountains were sooo green and beautiful! We loved Colorado and New Mexico. Ever since the trip, I've gotten several requests from Joy and Lucy to go back there...today! Lucy's asked several times, "Mom, can I go swimming in the pool at Colorado with Minnie today?" Joy's asked, "Mom, can we go back to Colorado or New Mexico tomorrow? It's too hot here!"