Monday, April 20, 2009

Proud Big Sisters

The girls got better and got to hold there new brother. Joy was very exicted and held him for about an hour. She had fun look at him, giving him his binkie, talking to Eli, and touching his hair. Lucy did not quite know what to think. After lucy held him we ate dinner. Eli was sitting in the living room. Lucy left the table and went in to the living room. Amanda followed and found Lucy was trying to pickup her brother. We are going to have have to watch her around him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Home Eli and Amanda

Amanda and Eli came home from the hospital today. At about 11:30 I dropped Joy and Lucy off at Amanda's Visiting teachers house and went to pick up Amanda and Eli. Both of the girls were coughing and run low grade fevers so we went and ran several errands and let Amanda and Eli sleep. The girls got to stand at the door of our room and look in at Eli. Lucy and Joy still call him baby Buck, everyone else can call him buck as well. I think that is a nick name that will stick for a while. As soon as the girls get better they want to hold there brother. Lucy is fascinated by her brother. Joy of course has 10000 questions to ask. We are all glad to be home and together as a family.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my sisters -in-law Jenny and Cammie and to their mothers. They both share their Birthdays today with their moms. How funny is that! Special thanks to both of them for this last week. Thank you Cammie for taking Joy to the wedding. She had lots of fun hanging out with you. Thank you Jenny for taking care of the girls when we were in the hospital. We love you both!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This morning the easter bunny came to our house and brought a very special gift.
Eli Rogers was born at 2:12 am this morning. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 19 inches long. This was a C section so all things considered this was our easiest baby to have. Amanda woke up at 11:30 and said her water had broke. We got up and packed and loaded the girls in the car. We dropped Joy and Lucy off at Isaac's house and wen to the hospital. In about an hour after arrival we had our little boy with us. Eli and Amanda are both doing very well. We are very greatful that Eli arrived to us safe. This is a wonderful Easter present to recieve. Special Thanks to Isaac and Jenny for watching our girls. I include some picture of the new little guy and of his proud big sisters.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures from the past couple of months

Joy and Lucy riding the horse Uncle Sammy and Dale made. Lucy's wearing some nifty
boots from her cousins, Justin and Mason.

These are the cute girls in Joy's preschool group from this year. Yes, Lucy thinks she's one of them.

Joy loved posing for the camera for her 5th Birthday pictures.

Remember "Buns of Steel?" It's funny that Joy and Lucy were doing it because my brother Brandon and I used to watch it and try to keep up with all the leg lifts they do. It's amazing the tape still works!

Lucy loves reading stories to her "beebees." Yesterday, she wouldn't let Dale get up from the couch and kept bringing him story after story. She'd throw a fit every time he'd say that that was the last book and try to get up. He's a good daddy and read to her for almost 30 minutes!