Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lot's going on

Today, we had 3 big things going on. First, it was my dad's 51st, I mean 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! Second, I got my bottom left wisdom tooth taken out. It was impacted and had partially come out, so I decided to get it taken out before it caused any cavities. Third, at the same time I was going through torture, my parents were dropping off my baby brother, Stuart, at the M.T.C. That boy was so excited to get out of his parents' house. Especially after having a taste of freedom when he went to EAC to go to school. You can write him at:
Elder Stuart Sam Bjarnson
MTC mailbox # 202
S.C.-Colu. 0316
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793
He will be leaving for Columbia, South Carolina on March 16th.
Some upcoming events in our family include: our niece's baby blessing this Sunday; my brother, David's wedding on April 11th; and unless this little boy decides to come earlier, our cesarean is scheduled for April 17th. Another piece of exciting news is my sister-in-law, Cammie, is 10 weeks prego! She's had a couple of miscarriages, so hopefully this one will be a good one. The doc said the baby looks good and it's heart is strong, so we are way thrilled.
Last weekend, we were in Phoenix and Mesa to see Stuart give his non-farewell talk and to hang out with family. On Monday, we went to a park where there is a skateboarding bowl and Dale, Sam, and Flint all rode their new longboards as if they were back in high school again. They had fun together. Joy and her cousin Cooper also rode around in the bowl with their scooters. If you want to see pictures, my sister-in-law, Jan, posted some on her blog, "Here we are."
We got to meet our baby cousin Arlee (I hope I spelled her name right) for the first time. She is so cute! She was wide awake a lot of the time we were there and really happy. She was cooing a little bit, which is always fun to hear. Cooper is very protective of his little sister and will be a good big brother to her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Dale!!!

It seems like a lot of our friends are celebrating the big 30 this year. It's Dale's turn today!

Dale bought himself a longboard skateboard for Christmas. I tease Dale that he's going through a midlife crisis. However, all of his brothers ended up buying themselves one as well. Good fun! We don't have any pictures of the longboard yet, but we'll have to post some soon. The color of the Birthday Cake will show you what color it is.

I can't believe I did a skateboard birthday for a 30 year old. It's something you would do for a 10 year old. He loved it! Especially his present. I got the shirt idea from a website by Old Man Army (a skateboard website). I also went to a vinyl letter party last week and they announced that they could put the lettering on clothing now. The ladies had fun with this project and were able to get the shirt to me in one day.

For fun, we went out to dinner -without the kids- and celebrated his Birthday. I can't believe we've been married for 7 1/2 years now and have kid #3 on the way (only 2 more months). It's been fun. Dale's a great guy and I'm glad I got him! Love you Dale!

Curly Haired Doll

Here are some pics of Lucy when I put the sponge curlers in her hair. I must admit, I thought she was the most adorable little girl at church that day! Dale called her his little curly haired doll.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Riddance Student Loan!!!

Hallelujah! I feel like yelling it to the world! Due to a great tax return, we paid off our student loan today! Now we can move on!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're still here!

It's been very busy around here with the regular every day stuff. Lucy is into everything! She's very hard to put down at night because she WILL NOT stay in bed. Half the time, if you ask her if she wants a spanking, she says, "Yeah." If you give her one after a reply like this, she often laughs and runs away or acts like nothing happened. Needless to say, spankings aren't often effective with this kid. She is so hard to discipline and we are trying to figure out what works. She doesn't really understand timeouts either. Part of the problem is she is so stinking cute that we are trying not to laugh our heads off when we are getting after her. If anybody has any advice, feel free to share it.
Dale has been trying to get Lucy to say her first and last name together and she answers the same way her cousin, Bodie, used to answer, "Lucy Grandma Rogers." It sounds more like, "Wuzy Gamma Wogers."
I put sponge curlers in her hair for the first time last Saturday and she was so cute for church! I'll post pictures soon.
I'm 29 weeks (6 1/2 months) prego now and starting to get big. I wonder how big this kiddo is going to be. Dale got me a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage that I fully plan on using, probably soon. I'm excited!
Home prices are finally starting to drop here, making it more affordable for us to either buy or build a home. We've noticed the economy delays its effect on our small town and when gas went up and down, we went up and down a few weeks to months after the big cities did. So far, Dale's job is pretty secure, and hopefully we'll be in a home a year from now.