Friday, September 25, 2009


By the end of today, our block wall should be finished, all doorknobs should be on, and all light switches and outlets should be on the walls. The carpet, which is the last thing to go in, is supposed to be put down next Wednesday. I just got the keys to our house today. Yeah! It's crazy to think that it could be finished in one week. I'll post pics of our home soon.
Something else that is exciting is the spire and the Angel Moroni were put on the temple a few days ago. You can find pics of this event if you go to:

I love being able to drive past the temple every day and to see its progress. It's just beautiful. One can feel the excitement in this valley for the temple, especially when it is mentioned at church. Now we can drive literally 6 minutes, instead of 3 hours, to the temple.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Help from Big Sister

About a week ago we began feeding Eli baby ceral. Last night it was Lucy turn to feed her brother. Both Joy and Lucy love to feed there brother it is like having a real life baby doll.