Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008 and snow!

This year, Christmas was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Bjarnson's house. Joy and Lucy had so much fun there and want to go back to Grandma's house. It was great being able to spend time with family and to go to the temple with my baby brother, Stuart. I still can't believe he's old enough to go on a mission.
Thatcher didn't have a white Christmas, but we did get a couple of inches on the Saturday afterward. Unfortunately, we missed the snowfall because we were still in Phoenix, but there was just enough snow in the shade at our house that Joy was able to play in the next day. The snow angel pics were taken at Shannon Campground up on Mount Graham the week before Christmas when we went sledding. It was cold, but worth the trip and we had fun. Lucy was a little nervous about the whole sledding thing at first, but by the last run she was jumping onto the sled, ready to go. Joy and Dale went down the hill spinning as fast as they could and laughing their heads off on a little round saucer sled. The two of them barely fit onto it and they were fun to watch. I was a little sore for the next couple of days from hiking up the hill and hauling up Lucy and the sled. Dale told me that sledding was off limits for me until "Buck" is born. He knows that I'll be on a sled the next chance I get! Especially with the new ones we got for Christmas! (Thanks Flint and Jan). No, I wasn't being crazy on the sled, I was just reminded of how lazy I've been and that I need to work out more.
I hope you all had a fun holiday. It was so fun seeing you, Tommy and DeAnn and Mike and Teresa!