Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exciting news

On June 10 2009 we met with our builder and signed a contract to have our house built. The contract states that the builder has 120 days to have our house completed. So we should be moving into our home on or before Oct 10, 2009. We are so excited for this event in our lives. We have waited along time for this day to come and it appears the wait was worth it our builder has come down 30K since we spoke with him in January. We now feel very comfortable with the cost of our house. We wanted to go take a picture of our lot before anything began on it to follow it through the stages. However when we arrived at the lot our builder had all ready begun preparing the lot. We were ecstatic to find him already there working on our house.

Eli's Baby Blessing

On Sunday May 7,2009 Eli was blessed. Here is a couple of pictures of Eli all dressed up before church. The second picture is of Amanda's younger brother David and his wife Lacy . A lot of family and friends came to support us for this event. To all those that came thank you. After the blessing we cooked hamburgers at Isasc's house. We had a very enjoyable weekend with our families.

Big Guy and Pineapple Princess

Here is Joy all dressed up for her dance recital. She preformed Pineapple prinecess. She was very cute and did an awesome job.

Here is a couple of pictures of our big guy. As you can tell he does not miss a meal. Eli is a very happy baby and very easy going, he even tolorates his sisters when they are smothering him with love.