Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lots of firsts have happened these last couple of weeks. We spent our FIRST night in our FIRST home on October 15th. We signed the papers to close yesterday, the 28th. Eli sat up for the FIRST time on Friday, October 23rd. He is so close to crawling and gets around pretty good. Joy is beginning to put sounds together to read words and read her FIRST book on Sunday, October 25th. It was "Hop on Pop." Lucy doesn't have any "Firsts," but she's really picking up on knowing her shapes and colors. Today, she was pretending to be asleep in the car when I came home from running errands. At first she had me fooled, but then I heard hiccup....hiccup, and I saw her peek. So I carried her to bed and she ended up falling asleep for reals. Sweet! Lastly, we left all 3 kids with a babysitter (other than family) for the FIRST time and went out to eat for my Birthday. We've been pretty busy these last few weeks and still have a few boxes to unpack and pictures to put on the walls. We have awesome neighbors and are in a nice little neighborhood. We've gotten several plates of cookies and one of our neighbors brought us dinner on our first night in our home. We're pretty happy and look forward to making new friends here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

House Picture

Here are a couple of pictures of our new house. We might not have internet for a couple of days and we wanted to post some photos.

Moving Days

Last night was our LAST NIGHT in this trailer!!! We are locking in our interest rate today, since it is so increadibly low. We also got an awesome number for our appraisal, so we are way excited to not have to deal with mortgage insurance. YEAH!!! We are so excited to finally get into our first home.
Eli is also moving. On Monday, he decided to celebrate turning 6 months old by army crawling. So funny. He used to try to scoot around by using only his toes and he looked like a little caterpillar. He's rolling all over the place, too. He is the gruntiest little guy too, and lets you know he enjoys his dinner. He's a little chunklet.
Last night, when we were at the house, Lucy was looking at everything and just didn't get it. She said, "We have those marshmallows too. I have that dress. Daddy has that Bronco too." She doesn't realize that everything we have is at our new house. She thinks it's someone else's stuff and that they have the same things that we do. She cracks me up.